The Curated Life

Originally published Wednesday, 04 February 2015.

I’ve always thought being a Curator would be an interesting job. Great job title too! Effectively you take care of objects – artwork, collectibles, historic items. I imagine beautiful objects – the Mona Lisa perhaps, works of Monet, Michelangelo’s statues. Ok probably bits of broken pottery that is thousands of years old. Still, I imagine life as a Curator (using a lot of poetic license here!) would be serene and beautiful. Creating beautiful spaces for people to enjoy.

So having interrupted my day dream of being Curator of the Louvre, it dawned on me that really, we are all curators. Curators of our own lives. Over summer I have been “curating” my house – clearing out drawers and cupboards, room by room. I’ve thrown out makeup that had been kicking around the bottom of my vanity for too long and definitely should not be used! I bagged up and passed on clothes and surplus linen. My home feels fresher, cleaner and lighter as a result.

But curating my life isn’t just about my home (or dare I say even the car interior!) When we live with intention it means paying attention and thereby curating all parts of our lives. To our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual parts of us. Curating physically means being aware of what we are eating and what exercise is being done, it means making sure we rest and sleep. Our emotional state needs to be cared for too. That means making time to do the things that fill our hearts – spending time with friends, laughing, time out shopping even and drinking coffee! (well for me!) To curate our mental state means being careful about what we feed our minds – what do we need less of and what we need more of. And finally, our biggest curating responsibility is our spiritual state. Making sure we spend time with God. In worship, in quiet times, in prayer – being in His presence. If the other areas of our lives are important, our curating our spiritual life is vital as it overflows into all aspects of life. A well curated spirit, means meeting physical goals are easier, our emotional health is better.

When we become intentional curator’s of our lives we will find that we feel lighter, freer and happier.

You are a beautiful creation. Designed and dreamt up by God who loves you. Let your life reflect His glory. Life your life beautifully. A beautifully curated museum is worth visiting again. Let your life be the same.

“As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.” (Proverbs 27:19)