Linger Discover

Originally published Thursday, 02 July 2015.

A few days to spend in the Italian city of Florence. Enough time to wander off the popular tourist routes. Time to linger and to discover. To happen upon the gardens of a beautiful villa giving respite from the heat.  I also found myself down a narrow cobbled street with a beautiful pottery shop. Gorgeous handmade Tuscan espresso cups. Years on and I still derive joy from them. Each time they’re used I am reminded of my time in Florence - the heat of the Tuscan sun, the food, the architecture and the art. I'm reminded of how much I enjoyed the birthplace of the Renaissance. My espresso cups are prompts to remember a special time.

In my Bible are many verses that have been highlighted. Favourite ones, key ones. But also ones discovered when I have lingered over my Bible reading. When I have followed my heart and seen where it leads. A cross reference, a particular word has resulted in a journey within the pages of my Bible. And then a discovery – a verse that speaks to me, answers a prayer, strengthens me for a situation and encourages my heart. Today as I read my Bible these verses shine out and I am taken back to that moment of first discovery. And now I have the joy of adding on new revelation to the verse, adding more to my testimony.

Sometimes in life, detours take us to treasured discoveries.