Right in Front of You

Originally published Thursday, 22 May 2014.

It’s right in front of you.

You’ve been wondering and wandering about this thing–this call, the purpose, the great adventure.

You’ve been reading, or avoiding your Bible, and you are frustrated and instead you daydream about the real thing, what God should want you to have and do and be, and it’s this other, this place over the rainbow, a place where you get less annoyed and you have more patience and your life really matters.

But brave one, it’s right in front of you.

It’s there for the taking and it’s right in your face. Your call, purpose, passion and growth is already present in your life. It’s found in the daily choice to love. To love without reservation, with your whole being. To throw off all those things that you think you need to do and be, yes, even the things that you so desperately want to find. To throw them off, just for today, and to open your eyes and see what’s here for you right now.

But, you may protest, there’s something more. Is it a longing? Is it an ache for something better? Is it that strange sense that there must be more to life than this?

Yes, yes! There’s more to life than this. And those vague desires? If you get very, very quiet and you listen, it’s another place that’s calling, the faint signal of heaven, the reminder that this in fact, is not all there is, and that our souls were made for setting free, and that this life as we know it is not a permanent setting.

So my friend, be brave today. Take the ministry that is right in front of you. Work hard for peace, in your home and in the atmosphere that you create around yourself. Choose love and choose the other person. Delight in someone or something outside of yourself.  And then be really gentle and graceful with the person that you are–she is fragile and resilient all at once, and she loves to be cared for.

And when that faint cry of heaven gets louder, worship your way into it. Visit for a minute and be refreshed in the dwelling place of Christ–within you. And then get back to your ministry, the ministry of daily, of deliberate, of delighting–right in front of you.