Hey Momma: One Thing You Need for Today

Originally published Wednesday, 25 September 2013.

Hey Momma,

You know, it’s that time already. The sun is moving toward the horizon and you are heading into the fourth quarter of your mothering day, and if you probably hoped to get more done today than you did.

I bet you have laundry waiting or maybe you aren’t ready for dinner. There’s school forms that haven’t been filled out and you keep looking into your dirty freezer wondering when you are gonna clean it out. You open the junk drawer in your kitchen and you can barely close it again, plus there’s those scratches around the door from the puppy and you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and think about those wrinkles around your eyes from the stay-up-late life and you sigh. Life’s a to-do list as long as the hair that’s around the shower drain and you sigh again, a deep one, the part of you that’s just so tired of keeping it together.

So momma, let me tell you one thing you need right now: diligence.

Diligence: persistent work or effort.

Diligence is taking just one step toward something tonight. So tuck those kiddies in. And instead of worrying about all the school forms, fill out one. Just one step.

Instead of cleaning out the whole closet, pick out three things to donate and throw ‘em in a bag in your closet. That’s one step.

Instead of reorganizing the kitchen or cleaning the freezer, splash some bleach in the sink and let it shine. One step.

Getting to your goals, however hard they may seem to attain, isn’t about heroic effort. It’s about thousands of small steps in the same direction. So do it. Be diligent today in just one way. And then take a deep breath, stretch your arms up high, and give yourself a mental gold star. You did it!