Originally published Wednesday, 24 October 2012.


I remember the day my doorbell dinged and this book arrived at our house. It was a crummy day and truthfully, I had no interest in even opening the book.

I’ve been a dreamer my whole life. And I’ve chased a few of those big dreams only to find myself swirling around in the disappointment of rejected-broken dreams.

Honestly, that day when the book arrived my heart was closed to the idea of dreaming again.

It was too painful.

So I tossed the book on my desk vowing to read it [maybe]… someday.

Each day I’d glace at it and my soul would whisper, “God, do I really want to open my heart to believe You for greater things when I’ve had so much disappointment?”  

Nope. No desire. At all.

However, God never gives us up us and the desire for me to read this book came from a very unlikely place in my life.

My husband.

Now, my hubs is a great guy but he doesn’t share my love of words and deep thoughts. He’s a simple man: Steak and potatoes. Chocolate or Vanilla.  Peanut butter, no jelly.

So to see him sitting in our overstuffed-green-chair reading this book about God-dreams [most days before 6am], intrigued me.

“What is with him and that book?” I would think.

So, one afternoon I decided to peek inside the book. Mind you, carefully guarding my big-dreaming-wounded soul. 

And there I sat for hours reading page, after page. Slowly something happened inside of me.

My soul opened again to the movement of God in my life. I started to dream again, but this time it was different. I felt content, blessed and even though nothing exciting was on the horizon, I felt something greater stirring in me.

A few weeks later I had the opportunity to study this book with a community. I needed people to challenge me with things the book talked about like:

~Burning Plows [the things holding us back from our God-dreams]

~Digging Ditches [taking steps, doing the hard things, starting small]

~Striking the Water [taking the training wheels off the bike, making movement]

Together, we began to understand what dreaming big, starting smaller and igniting God’s vision for our life looked like. We cried. We laughed. And we challenged each other.

And my soul is not the same.

So today, I know there is someone on the other side of this screen who is in the same place I was a few weeks ago. The doorbell is ringing and God’s asking you to believe Him for something again. You’re hesitant and maybe even resistant. I get that.

But you’re not on this site by accident today. I believe God wants to do something greater in you. And so does Pastor Steven Furtick, the author of this book.

I’ve got an incredible opportunity for everyone and an awesome giveaway for someone in this crosswalk community.

My friend Melissa Taylor with Proverbs 31 Ministries leads these amazing online Bible studies. THOUSANDS of people [men and women] are building community, growing their faith and moving forward with all God has for them.

In just a few weeks, she’s going to begin a book study of Greater. This is your chance to be apart of the most encouraging online community I’ve ever seen and be challenged in a BIG way with your God-dream. 

Click here to head over to sign up for the GREATER book study on Melissa’s blog. It’s totally FREE to sign up; all you need is an email [and she isn’t going to sell your email or anything crazy like that :).]

Leave me a comment here on Crosswalk to be entered in this amazing giveaway:

1 GREATER book  and 1 GREATER DVD 

The group I studied this book with watched the DVD’s together and they are a-mazing. And the book? Well, it’s soul changing.

I’ll announce the winner of the DVD and book on Monday [the 26th]

And in case you still aren’t sure if this book/study is for you, take a look at this amazing video by poet David Bowen about this book, GREATER.

I promise, it will be the most inspiring 6 minutes of the day.