And then... I fell flat on my face

Originally published Friday, 20 April 2012.

Speaking to moms groups is something I love to do. And yesterday morning I was so excited to be bringing my favorite topic:Taming the Family Zoo, to a local moms group. It’s a talk based on the book by Jim and Suzzette Brawner, which I highly recommend.

But in typical speaking-engagement-morning style, my house was a… zoo.

“Mommy! I can’t find my homework.”

“I don’t like this bread, its nasty!”

Ring... ring... ring, “Mrs. Koziarz, your daughter just walked into school and she is sick, you may need to come get her.”

Running a little behind because of the chaos, I quickly debated about whether or not it was fashion appropriate to wear white or brown shoes. Since its full-blown spring around here, I opted for the white.

Now, I love my white shoes because they give a whole ‘nother 2 inches to this vertically challenged body. But this was the first time I’d worn them since last summer and as I climbed into my car I remembered the complexity of these white shoes.

One must walk slow and gracefully in the white shoes.

I got to the church parking lot and started to walk towards the entrance. Unfortunately, I stepped into a giant puddle of water so I tried to shake my shoes dry. They were still pretty wet but the meeting was about to start so I headed in the doors.

But then, my white shoes failed me like never before…

As soon as I walked into the room I glided, slipped and fell flat on my face.

And y’all, this was no graceful fall. It was awkward, loud and everyone in the room saw it.


I was either about to laugh hysterically or have a big dramatic cry. Truthfully, in that moment I wanted the earth to swallow me whole.

You can [painfully] imagine how my confidence was a little shaken.

When confidence feels far away, it can be so hard to complete the task set before us.

Maybe its an unkind word from a friend, budgets that don’t add up with dreams, or even falling flat on our face… confidence can be lost in many ways.

But when we move our confidence to a commitment, we are choosing to stay with Jesus and His plans, no matter what. We don’t have to feel confident to be confident.

I’m learning confidence in Him isn’t so much about our reaction as it is our response. And sometimes God will teach us this Truth in our greatest moments of weakness.

We can be confident because God says:

You are chosen. {Psalm 139: 13-15}

You are equipped. {Isaiah 45:5}

You are able. {Philippians 3:3}

As we line our thoughts, emotions and even embarrassing circumstances up with this Truth, we will experience the power of Jesus in us and through us to complete whatever is in front of us.

So today remember, you can do what you are here to do because the same power that conquered the grave lives in you. Run hard with this confidence in Him and commit to finish no matter what.

And my white shoes? They will be quickly transitioning to a new home at the Goodwill. :)

What about you? Today I’d love to hear about your journey. Leave a comment and share how God is shaping your confidence.