15 Reasons We Need Proverbs 13:17

Originally published Friday, 28 June 2013.

"Irresponsible talk makes a real mess of things,

but a reliable reporter is a healing presence." - Proverbs 13:17


1. We have a choice: to heal or bring more strife.


2. The world needs more healers.


3. In a culture filled with encouragement to see things as grey, we need more words to be black and white.


4. We often use words as a weapon to get our way but don’t weigh the consequences before we speak.


5. People need to hear things how they actually happened, not how we think it happened.


6. We need to reassurance to pause before we speak.


7. The weight of our words is often forgotten.


8. Exaggeration works great in fairy tales but not in real life.


9. Integrity often feels like a lost cause.


10. Let’s bring it back.


11. When we speak truth, we are more likely to live Truth.


12. When we’ve been lied to it often leads to some form of mistrusting God.


13. Effective words are often the hardest words to say.


14. Misleading words are just as destructive as lies.


15. This verse takes courage but courage is always contagious.