When You Cross The Red Sea (or feel like quitting)

Originally published Wednesday, 16 October 2013.


It was messier than I had imagined, when they crossed the Red Sea, at least as depicted by the creators of The Bible miniseries on History Channel. I watched in awe as Moses called out for God's help, and God miraculously parted the waters that seemed impassable. 

Do I trust God to do that for me? To make a way when there is no way? ... or do I just sing the words instead of really believing them?

I couldn't help but hold my breath as they made their way through the Red Sea... even thought I know the ending. Still, to see it alive in front of me was such a powerful visual. I have heard Bible "stories" for as long as I have been alive, but to see such beautiful and powerful imagery breathed new life into the stories for me.

Which Bible "character" would I have been? Would I have been mentioned? Would it have been a good story or a tale of tragedy? Do you ever think about this as you read the stories of so many lives? Which character do you most identify with?

I thought that perhaps I am most like Sarah -- We both share the need to take charge and make a plan work ... many times without waiting for God's timing.

Or maybe Noah? As the one who built an ark before a drop of rain, I know he must have felt like an oddball... which I feel so often. Moses? We definitely both have a "crazy hair" issue... at least the Moses in this TV series.

Then, I found him. I don't even know his face or name. His name was never mentioned in the credits at the end of the show. I doubt if he thought his part was worthwhile. Maybe only his mama noticed him there in the crowd, and recorded it to play in slow motion so her friends his face on TV.

"Keep going!", he yelled through the wind and chaos of the crowd. "GO! You're almost there!" Just an ordinary man, no one special. The "no-name-keep-going-saying-man-in-the-crowd"The Bible doesn't mention him, but in the crowd I can't help but think he was there. I saw him. My heart heard his words. I identified with him immediately. 

So many times, I am just not sure how to get through (around, over, under?) obstacles in my life. Unexpected trials and challenges arise, and I feel like giving up. The "Red Sea" of difficulties that I face just seems like too much, and I want to throw in the towel and quit. ...

I want to just turn around and head on back to Egypt in slavery because, well, there's a sea up ahead. And what in the world am I supposed to do about that?

God only asks me to trust Him, and He will take care of the impassable seas of my life in His time. Just like the no-name man crossing behind Moses, God asks me to just keep walking. Faithfully. Trusting. Knowing that He is God.

This man wasn't in the spotlight. He wasn't called to lead like Moses. I wonder if that bothered him. Truthfully, I have felt discouraged lately about blogging and never really sure where I "fit in". I have even considered just throwing in the towel. I'm not sure where my "place" is, but it's obviously not in the big blogging cliques or websites. I won't be headlining as a keynote speaker at a conference near you. ... and that is okay.

God didn't ask us all to be leaders or to be in the spotlight. God only wants us to be faithful to Him. Maybe I'm the "no-name-keep-going-saying-woman-in-the-crowd". To that calling to be an encourager, I will do my best.

Maybe you are going through a difficult time right now. I challenge you to "keep going!" and trust that God sees you. He knows your need and has not forgotten you. Remember His promises and that He is faithful, even when we don't understand.

... especially when we don't understand.

Maybe you have been through a difficult time but have passed through it. Could I challenge you to join me on the dry, safe banks and yell to those still in the seas to "keep going!"? If God has delivered you from pain, sin, challenges, and grief... tell someone! Speak up for God! Tell others about how He has delivered you and challenge them to keep going!

Whatever you are facing today, keep going!  

May I pray for you? If you are struggling today, please feel free to leave a comment with a prayer request or email me any time (Melanie at OnlyABreath dot com).
What Bible character do you most identify with? I would love to hear them in the comments!