The Struggle to Trust God with My Child's Salvation

Originally published Wednesday, 08 May 2013.

"Seeing my children struggle with sin makes me squirmy. Whether they’re back-talking during bath time, squabbling with siblings, deceiving, or disobeying, I fear for their future. What if their foolishness or hard-heartedness is only beginning to show? What if they stay dead in sin fooor-evvvv-er?

More than anything, I want my children to know and love Jesus; to turn away from their sin and trust Christ for salvation.

I plead anxiously: “Lord, please help them understand their selfishness. Convict them of their pride. Help them learn to respect our authority so they’ll respect yours!” 

I know God hears my prayers, but sometimes he seems to tarry on answering them my way. If their behavior doesn’t change two seconds after I’ve breathe “Amen” I worry they’re on their way to becoming a sociopath or a murderer. Of course, I’m being dramatic. But I do hope their small-scale struggles aren’t indicators of much bigger and scarier struggles yet to come."

How do you respond when you see your children struggling? Do you want to stamp your foot at God, and yell "Save them Lord, but not that way!?" Join me today as I write about The Struggle to Trust God with My Child's Salvation, over at Domestic Kingdom.