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What about today?

Originally published Monday, 01 April 2013.

So I didn’t realize!
I didn’t realize “thinking” (or fantasizing) about the future, my future was not normal!
I honestly thought it was just how our brains operated; I didn’t know it wasn’t always healthy!
I never saw harm in it, I thought everyone thought that way… I mean hopes, dreams, planning for goodness sake; we need to PLAN, right…
God has had me on a journey of serious TRUST lately. I mean I named my blog Putting the Pencil Down, I don’t think I came up with that; I think God was like, “Lindsay, drop it, the pencil, let me write your story!”
The first verse I memorized after becoming a follower of Jesus Christ 5 years ago was:
Proverbs 3: 5-6 Trust in the Lord with all of your Heart, lean not on your own understanding, but acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will make your paths straight!”
I would tell everyone, “I love this verse”, it was my verse, you would see it on art in my home, on the front cover of my journal, it would often be my status on facebook, but did I REALLY believe it to be TRUE? Like really believe?

Well, it has been a process for me and I believe it will be a process until the day of Jesus, but I do believe we can get better and better at truly trusting our Maker, the One who made us, He knows every hair on our head, every hair, I have a ton of hair. That is how BIG He is and how much He knows and cares about us. How precious is His love? He says we are the APPLE of HIS EYE. So sweet… I think He can be trusted above all else.
This journey of trust is really learning to rely on Him, to walk with HIM daily, not to “worry” about the future, not to mediate, not to dwell or fantasize about the future… because we will miss the very blessing of today.
 TRUST is to expect with confidence, in His timing, not ours. In His way not ours.

I know this is not revolutionary for anyone, the concept that is, but are we really living it… are we REALLY guarding our mind from “what could be” bad or good…
I will be honest I sometimes find myself thinking/fantasizing about the day when God brings my husband. In a few seconds my mind has wondered to a very pretty outdoor wedding, as I am walking down the aisle.

My point: I can easily ‘day dream’ myself right out of the very BLESSING of TODAY!
There is a blessing of being single, the blessing of doing what only single people can do… I recently went on a vacation with Jesus, just Him and I. I thought to myself, “while I am single I am going to do what only a single person can do!” I go home from work, I eat carrots for dinner (cooking ugh), I sit and read and journal (I love to journal) I take naps on Saturday, BECAUSE I CAN.
You may be married, so it may be a baby you are waiting on, it may be a baby out of diapers that you are waiting on, whatever “it” is, stop, see the very blessing of THIS day, know and trust that the One who created the Universe will bring the next thing in His perfect time and His perfect way! Enjoy the journey. He wants the glory for the unexpected way of your future!