JUST believe

Originally published Friday, 17 May 2013.

As I try very hard to get into God’s Word (the Bible) daily, some days I have more time than others. I use to skip around a lot, usually sticking around Psalms or Proverbs since there is so much practical advice in there on how to live your life.

Then I had a big idea, I wanted to read the Bible cover to cover. Since it isn’t written in chronological order, it isn’t the easiest “book” to read, so it was more of a chore than anything else.

If I am “checking my own motives here”, I think I wanted to be able to say “why Yes, I have read the entire Bible!  …  eekk #WRONGmotives

I recently heard that John is the best book of the Bible to start with, so I thought, ok I am going to go off course here (not that I have a structured bone in my body) and started reading John and reading it slowly to soak it in.

I only read a few verses each day for a while and started to learn how to read slowly and really dig into what God is saying through the Bible.

As I read in John 6, I came across verse 29. In the NIV version it says “Jesus said: The work of God is this; to believe in the One He has sent”. Now wait, let’s read that again, slower this time, think about what Jesus is saying.

“The work (service) of God is this; to believe in the One He has sent”.

As I have been wondering, even worrying about what God wants me to do for Him, I realize that first before I “do” anything for God, He wants me to believe…. Really believe… not just say I believe.God knows our heart, He knows our every thought!

So I was curious, what does the word believe even mean….

I looked it up and it said to TRUST, RELY ON and have FAITH IN.

Then of course I wondered, “what do those words really mean…….

To TRUST is to have an assurance and a dependence on something/someone

What exactly does assurance mean, I asked myself”…. To pledge, guarantee, or be secure in….. are you secure in God?

To RELY is to be dependent on, to have confidence based on experienceI loved this one, because the more I have stepped out to get to know God, seek Him, walk towards Him, trust Him with something specific, the more I have experienced Him and His goodness.

The last one is to have FAITH in which is to have a firm belief in something for which there is no proof.

That is why you hear some call it taking a ‘step of faith’, believing in something that there is no proof.
Some much more could be said here, but I thought I would open it up to see what you savvy women of God think on this subject!