One Question We Must Ask

Originally published Thursday, 02 May 2013.

What does the Gospel mean for your life today?

So often, we go through the motions of our faith. We believe in God's sovereignty. We might take a few moments to pray and thank Him for every blessing He bestows upon us. We read in the Bible about Jesus' sacrifice for us on the cross, and how the Holy Spirit is given to us when we trust Christ.

But are these truths really affecting our lives? 

The reality is that the Gospel is more than just a nice story; it is alive, and it changes everything. The Gospel has the power to transform our minds, hearts and will to be aligned with those of Jesus. It means that God's eternal purposes become our purposes. It means that sin no longer holds any power over us. It means that death has been defeated so we can live abundantly free. 

All this is true, but I wonder how often the daily motions threaten to dilude the power of the Gospel in our lives. Jesus' humble example can teach us how to willingly serve those around us. His obedience to God's will can instruct us in our prayers, words and actions. His victorious resurrection can lift the burdens of our struggles in the flesh. 

The power of the Gospel changes everything. So, what does the Gospel mean for your life today? 

[Check out "Living Hope Through The Resurrection Of Jesus" by Pastor Colin Smith.]