If You Feel Weak Today

Originally published Wednesday, 16 October 2013.

If you feel weak today, then you have a blessed opportunity before you. 

Weakness--be it fatigue, stress, injury, or disease--means that you are experiencing firsthand your fleshly reality as a human being. Weakness allows you the chance not to be blinded by worldly comforts, fading beauty or seemingly glorious accomplishments, as you see yourself as you truly are on your own: a fleeting life.

In Christ, however, there is good news: you are never alone. His presence is unceasing and His grace unending.

Isaiah 40 gives God's children much comfort in our weakness. Though we are but withering grass and fading flowers (v.7-8), the Word of God will stand forever! Those who wait for the LORD will renew their strength (v.31) because God's promises through Christ Jesus never fail. We hope in the One who lived perfectly for us, died willingly on our behalf, and rose again in total victory. 

We hope not in the flesh, nor in worldly gain but in Christ, who is our Hope. 

Your weakness today is an opportunity. Read Isaiah 40, praise God for your weakness pointing to His strength, and praise Him for being the power and life you simply would not have apart from Christ!