How To Be Truly Satisfied

Originally published Wednesday, 18 September 2013.

"The fear of the LORD leads to life, and whoever has it rests satisfied." (Proverbs 19:23)

Throughout the days and weeks and years, people search high and low for satisfaction. Even as Christ followers, we desire to be satisfied--deeply contented within our souls.

Praise the Lord, He wants us to be satisfied. In fact, He designed us that way!

I love how clearly the above proverb lays out the key to our satisfaction. Whoever fears the Lord rests satisfied. But how exactly does this work? What does fearing God have to do with being ultimately satisfied?

I think this connection began at creation, when God made man in His image for the purpose of glorifying Himself. Fearing the Lord involves asking on a daily basis, "How can I seek to please the Lord and glorify Him today?" That prayer echoes our very purpose; His glorification is what our lives are all about!

When we seek to fear the Lord by pleasing Him and glorifying Him, we are aligned with how God created us to live and move and be. What naturally follows being aligned with God's will? Total and complete satisfaction in Him. Resting satisfied, as the proverb says. 

May we ask Him today, "Lord, help me to seek to please You and glorify You in everything." Then let us rest in the satisfaction that God's purpose for us is fulfilled as we fear Him!