Are You Blind?

Originally published Saturday, 07 December 2013.

"Are we also blind?" 

This question was posed to Jesus by the Pharisees, after He had healed a man of his blindness on the Sabbath Day. Their arrogance is clear in the way they scoff at Christ and attempt to trick Him by way of accusatory questions. Though these religious men were leaders in their time, what we read of their hearts is obvious: they are proud. Downright proud and, as a result, hardened to the good news of salvation that Christ brings. Absolutely sure that they can save themselves by their good works.

So here's the question: Are you blind? Christ would answer, "Yes."

Our admittance that we are blind and need the eyes and heart of Christ is exactly where He wants us: in need of a Savior who alone can open our eyes to see! The blind man proclaims of Him, "One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see" (John 9:25). 

In Christ Jesus, our eyes have been opened to spiritual things, that once we could not have understood. We were blind. But the reality remains that, as we live in this imperfect earthly life, we need the daily opening of our eyes! We need moment-by-moment help to see through the eyes and heart of Christ. And He is ready and willing to grant us what we ask for in prayer. 

Lord, help us to see as You do everything that pleases You, as we seek to live by the Holy Spirit today and everyday, until we meet you face to face. Humble us to our blindness without You, and open the eyes of our hearts to truly see the depths of Your love through the gospel. Amen.