From Cheap Vases to Silver Candlesticks: Transform Your Fall Table!

Originally published Monday, 02 November 2015.

My mom and I were hunting for old sweaters when I came across the FREE box at a local thrift store. It was one of those moments when God spoke to me instantly. I was bothered by these items being free. That sounds so weird. You’re looking at a girl who loves free stuff more than the law should allow. But nonetheless I was taken aback because I saw such potential and value in this box of glass vases.

I immediately retrieved five vases from the box and paid for them on my way out. I had to.

I literally couldn’t walk out without giving something for them.

I’m telling you. WEIRD.

In full disclosure this is the second round of painting happening to these freebies. The first ended up with one of those Pinterest fails you laugh about. So I moved to plan B. Of which I had none.

That lead me to rummaging through my craft room and closets until an idea hit. Thankfully an idea grabbed hold and it was an easy one…

My favorite kind.

Have you ever used Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint? This is not a sponsored post, but it should be. I love this stuff. It really is AMAZING.

Here is an affiliate link for Looking Glass  paint  if you are interested, it can be hard to find in stores.

I took my five vases outside and spray painted them. This stuff drys so quickly! You can use it in a multitude of ways. It’s also great for creating faux mercury glass.

I didn’t do anything fancy, just painted and I think they turned out fabulous. They look like silver or pewter vases!

Now to really use them to their full potential I worked them into a Fall tablescape that anyone could easily duplicate.

The vases got turned into candlestick holders. I filled the vases partially with sand to hold the candlesticks straight.

Clippings from my yard and some dried Milo (or Maze) made the rest of this simple centerpiece.

Layering different trimmings for a greenery arrangement was a cinch.

Sprinkle a few extra candles and votives alongside mismatched plates and an effortless table comes together in no time.

To add a special touch to one of  my new vase friends I tied some dried grass plumes to it with jute, then hot glued a few acorns for a sweet little vase corsage.

Just look at what these “free” vases added to this table scene.

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