Do you Follow Through or Tend to Fall Short?

Originally published Friday, 03 November 2017.

I was shocked when I got the email. My friend, Jackie, said, "We really need to pray for Jennifer."

I wasn't shocked she said we needed to pray; this I was fully aware of. I already knew Jennifer was headed toward dangerous, murky no-return waters. What shocked me was Jackie, one I considered maybe-connected to God, was telling me to pray.

And she busted me. I wasn’t praying a lick. Instead, I was tossing up my arms, doing nothing and giving God no chance to change a single thing.

It was Jackie, the maybe-connected-one-to-God who was praying. I was just sitting there.

Guilt dropped on me like a hammer. And so did the remembrance of many other things I didn't do. . .

Like following through with a friend who came to church with me. I never made time to return to her house with love and the right words after that day.

Or being present for a friend dealing with a life near breakdown. I was too caught up in my own movements.

Or making the regular phone calls to the friends I know who are struggling in their marriages. I only saw my life.

Or taking a mom I met at my child's school for coffee, like God prompted me to.  I got distracted with other things.

Or making the time to meet with the people God placed around me for a time of impact, such as now. I forgot about them.

When we only see our world, we miss God's world. The one he intentionally set before us - for impact. We miss his higher calling.

God's higher callings feel like taking a lower road. They feel like setting aside our stuff. They feel like remembering the least of these. They feel like doing something when you're tired. They feel like acting, anyway.

What higher calling might God be setting before you, where you have to take the lower road?

There is no day better than the present day to move on what he's set before you. Move, so one day, like me, you don't look back and say, "Sorry God, I forgot to do so much."

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Gal. 6:9

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