The Hard - But Incredibly Freeing - Truth

Originally published Tuesday, 18 November 2014.

I say I want to share truth.

And, I do – until it gets into that really scary zone.  I know God says the truth will set me free, but in the moment, it holds me and makes me afraid to speak for fear of judgement.

Have you ever felt this way? Truth is under attack.  It’s under attack for good reason.  It is under attack for the very reason explained above –  truth is painful to hear and even more painful to live out.  It means that we have to stand for something and standing for something means that we can’t fall for everything.

 Not falling means that we may be left the only ones left standing in a sea of people bowing down to the lies of the world.

Standing for truth can hurt. It can feel overwhelming. It can leave us vulnerable. Sometimes it is easier – and less painful – to fall like everyone else. Then, we won’t stand out as much.  We fade in.  It’s easy.But, God never said it would be easy.  And, the greatest lies, the ones that stand most ready to threaten us today, are the lies that a come in shades of grey.  They are easy to bend towards. They appear to be neither black nor white on face value.  They leave questions.  They are sometimes hard to see.

Left without close inspection against the Word of God for validity, they could easily lead us astray.

They say, “Everyone else is doing this. This won’t hurt anyone.  No one will know. It will make people happy.  It will fulfill others or you. It will make others like you.”The devil is sly.  He is a manipulator.  He tempted Eve much in the same way, making her question the validity of the Word of God.

His strategy doesn’t change, but his working ground does.  Today, he uses societal pressures to lightly guide us to his end goal – rebellion towards God and his truth.

I don’t know about you, but I want to walk in truth.  I don’t want to even take a step near a gray area.  I don’t want to be one inch away from the white light of God’s truth and holiness.  I don’t want to leave the glory of my Lord.

God says, we are either for Him or against Him. (Luke 11:23)   Convicting, right?  When I really think about it, I really don’t want to sit on the fence for Jesus.  I don’t want to be lukewarm.

But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth! (Rev. 3:16)

God detests lukewarm people.

If I believe in the truth of God, if I really believe – then I believe it with all my heart.   And, if I believe it with all my heart, I need to live it with all my heart.

It’s like a tightrope walk.  If we step off his truth, we will fall off of one side or the other.  You are either walking on truth - or you're not.

When we walk away from truth, we walk away from freedom. We fall. It hurts.

But, we normally head back to truth after a bad fall.

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

We can choose to live free, to live empowered and to walk in the safety of truth. God won’t abandon us. He won’t leave us.  He will walk with us.  If we believe truth and walk in faith,  God holds our hand and he guides us right up to our greatest hopes and desires – as we trust Him.

And, as we see him work, he sets our hearts on fire. He sets us on fire to live, speak and walk truth.

Let God’s Word be your guide.  He will lead you in all truth.

Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth. (John 17:17)