Purity Restoration Prayer

Originally published Friday, 29 April 2016.

Restoration Prayer






Bring me back to you God…
What is broken, restore.
What is depleted, refill.
What is aggravated, pacify.
What is striving, calm.

What is me, deplete.
What is you, restore.

Where my mind is listening to lies,
rectify me in truth.

Where my will is stubborn,
soften me to hear you afresh.

I want you God.
Help me.

I need you God.
Restore me.

I crave you God.
Answer me.

Teach me to know your always-extended heart.
May I know the inclinations of your being, the desires of your will and your quiet calls for deeper surrender.
May I let go of what I have no ability to impact
and grab hold of what you call me to change.

Give me the foresight and grace to know the difference.

Grant me unshakable strength to persevere no matter what direction you send me.

Help me to stand in wait and stillness – not alone, but with you. May I remember that even while I am silent, you are working for me. (Ex. 14:14)

Let me walk tuned to your promptings – to know – when to rest and when to rise.
Break through my flesh to let my Spirit abound.

Love me like a lost sheep,
for I so often am.
So, return and find me,
and draw me near,
run after me,
and may I always know that you are mine – and I am yours.

You are not a shoving God, but a loving God. May I remember.

You don’t call me a bad name, you call me adored.
You don’t call me “badly behaved,” you call me renewed.
You don’t call me defeated, you call me resurrected.

May I walk with a mind attuned to Spirit not tuned into the world.

Forgive me for the ways and the times that I have believed in anything but your truth, your life, your grace and your peace. For anything apart from you is not – of you. I need you.

Bring me outside myself, to see you, so that I can then show you to others.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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