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Why Jesus is Enough

Originally published Friday, 02 February 2018.

Confession: I didn't even know I hated myself.

But I guess I did. Admitting this is embarrassing and exposing. . . but, does that matter?

For Jesus, we'll admit anything.
For Jesus, we'll do anything.
For Jesus, we'll admit the reality.
For Jesus, we'll make room for Him, no matter the cost.

And let Him change us. Which He will.

Did you know that all of Jesus is enough to change all of you?

These are not nice sayings we put on Instagram, or include on Christmas cards or hand out to people because they sound right; they are reality.

They're reality even when I hate that:

I make mistakes, like not taking care of my kids well enough.
I criticize my husband underneath my breath at times.
I can't seem to believe God in crunch-time moments when I know I should.
I don't see friendships through at times.
I have an awkward laugh.
I let people down when I don't do, speak or follow through.
I don't do what I preach. .  .

Even when. Even when we are horrible, Jesus remains Jesus. He doesn't leave. He doesn't walk away. He doesn't write us off. He doesn't.

Jesus remains. He not only remains, but He comes closer. (knock, knock)

Jesus is the one with power. He needs none of mine. Jesus is the one with grace. He needs none of my work to effectively cover the work that I've desperately tried to force into success, but seen go horribly wrong.

The gift of Christmas is the gift of Jesus' blood. It effectively covers my every wrong, my every tear, and my every shattered dream. Jesus recovers everything. The life and light of Jesus has come and is coming, on behalf of you and me.

This is not hyperbole. This is not pleasantries. This is not an old memory.

Jesus is here! His rescue is here. He is coming. . . for you. . . .

He is coming for your weakness, your frailty, your insecurity, your uncertainty. All of it.

Our weakness is not hated by our King. Our failings are not too much for his love. On the contrary, we can permit our Savior to fill every bit of us with every bit of Him, by the immensity of his love.

What holes remain are wholly loved by Him who is Love. Let that sink in this season.

Jesus is here. He reigns. He rules. All of you -- and all of me -- is fully loved, helped, guided, restored and repaired by all of Him. Fear not, for God is with you.

We celebrate! We rejoice! Let the angels sing! Let the skies be painted! Let creation sing. Jesus is here. The light has come. The King of all Kings will rule -- forever!!!


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