Finally, Let Go and Let God

Originally published Monday, 15 December 2014.

When you're a mom of two toddlers - toddlers who love to be in your arms, toddlers who love to be pushed and pulled in strollers and swings, toddlers who want to be held often - sometimes you just desperately need some "mom time".

I needed this time; I needed a way to release the little kinks from my aching back, a time to find refreshment and a time to let go.

So when my husband gave me the opportunity to get a massage, I jumped at the idea. I saw it as the opportune time to just "be" - to let go.

Although, as I lay on that table, I couldn't quite accomplish the "let go" part. I couldn't relax.  It was almost like I felt afraid to let myself be at the will of someone else. 

Even the masseuse could tell.

She looked at me and said, "Kelly, if you want me to really work, then you’ve got to let go so I can release the tension and the pain. Trust me to do my work.  You will be better off in the long run if you relax and trust me.  When you do, I can get into the deep issues and handle the stress."

Wow.  This really got me to thinking.  

There is power in the ability to let go.

If I can just breathe, exhale and let myself rest as she does her work, the result will be amazing.

Isn't this true with God too?  If we can just let go of our ways, our tension, our plans, won't he be faithful to work out all the kinks?  Won't he leave us better off than we ever could have imagined? Won't he find a way to release our life stresses better than we ever could - as we trust him with all things, in all ways?

But, why is control so hard to let go?  Why is it so hard to be completely open and malleable to another's work?


Because "Control" lures us in, and says:

With me, you have charge over your life.  No one can hold you back. You reign.
With me, you have the advantage, so that others don't take advantage of you.
With me, you don't have to worry about the unknown, because you can fight to make it known.
With me, you can make others do what you need them to do.
With me, you are working towards something, not wasting time waiting.
With me, you have a well-known friend -we have always walked together.

With control, we want all that God has to offer us, but we demand it by our own merits. With control, we feel we deserve control.  With control, we miss God’s voice.

Oh, how control lies to us. We exchange God's ultimate control with self-seeking control in our lives.  Our controlling ways are a counterfeit for God's charge.  

A counterfeit that is not from God...

The Devil loves life-sucking counterfeit replacements for God's life giving solutions. We don't want to be tricked.  We don’t want to give the devil a foothold. (Eph. 4:27)

The Counterfeit for God's Sovereign Control:

- Tells us we can rule on high, instead of God.
- Continually makes us work to achieve good things.
- Fosters pride.
- Makes us fearful of the unknown.
- Consumes us with our work.
- Encourages us to rule over people, instead of being under the rule of our master.
- Discourages and demotivates us when things don't go our way.
- Builds feelings of anger and bitterness in those we try to control.
- Fosters a distrust of God, as we never get a chance to see Gods' work when we control.

Does this sound like God at work?  Does this sound like healing, rebuilding and restorative work?

I don't want this.  I don't want to lay it all out on the table and not be able to let go of things. I don't want to hold on to life with a death grip.  I don't want to miss God's healing power in my life, in my circumstances and in my trials because I am so tightly wound that I can't see his hand.

What a waste.

I know God has so much more in store for me - and he has so much more in store for you.  He wants us to lay down at the foot of the cross and to trust him.  He wants us to breathe, to exhale, to let go.  He wants us to let him work, to let him knead and get into those areas of our lives where we have deep pain, deep hurts and deep aches. He wants to work those out.  

Oh how badly he wants to repair us.  He wants to heal us.  Will we let him?

We have to be open, willing and ready vessels.  

Because when we stop working, stop controlling and start letting go - we find Him.  

When we stop achieving and start receiving, we find life. 

Cast your burden on the LORD, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved. (Psalm 55:2)

When we surrender our ways, when we lay it all down before him, he will be faithful to restore us.

I am ready to let go and let God. Are you?

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