Change Everything: Get Low

Originally published Tuesday, 19 December 2017.

“There it is, mommy.”



I saw nothing. I bent down to see from his angle. I bent low to see life from the angle of a child. The lower I bent, the more I could see – up.

From this view, I saw it. . . a rainbow.

“There’s not just one, mommy.”

I didn’t think he was right. I know what I saw. But I hunched over, lower and lower.

And there, from his 3-foot something vantage point, looking up, I could see clear as a rainy day. A double-rainbow.

But I had to bend low. I had to bend to the vantage point of a child to make sense of the brilliance he was seeing emerge out of darkness.

Perhaps you do too.

“Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Mt. 18:4

What does it look like to take a lowly position?

It looks like:

1. Knowing you don’t know it all.

2. A willingness to bend toward faith in the midst of a storm.

3. A desire to do things differently than you always have.

4. A sense that God has something He wants you to see.

5. An understanding there’s more to life than meets the eye.

6. A discovery of what God can do when you let go of your presumptions.

7. An awareness that your vision could be flawed.

8. An eagerness to see what you never have before.

“How does it happen, mommy?”

“Only Google knows,” I told him.

Only a minute later we discovered rain has the power to project light various ways, producing a double rainbow.

It made me think: Rainy days seen through the lowly eyes of a child see the miraculous.

What might God want to recreate out of your rain, if you only saw it differently? Bend low. What do you see? Stay there. What does God want you to do?


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