Slow Down and Live Well

Originally published Monday, 07 March 2016.

Dear Tightly Wound Woman:


A new season is on the horizon. A different pace is required—but it’s not faster.


It’s slower and richer.


It’s not a grasping of the wind, but a sitting down and soaking it in kind of time. A time to savor. A time to let go of the hurried, fast-paced and frantic way of living.


You fear you’ll miss out, but turn your attention towards Me and listen to what I’m saying. Don’t miss out on the gift I am giving you right now.


Keep in step with My Spirit so you don’t miss the miracle.


Don’t look to the right or the left. Keep your eyes on Me as I reveal the next step. Don’t be afraid to do things differently—to walk forward with an altered gait. Take the next step and move into a sweet wave of My love. It is not altogether familiar but fresh and life-giving.


It might look different than what you’ve pictured, but it is a picture, a season, that you will cherish for a lifetime.


Kick regret to the curb by opening the door to this new thing. Bend your will, surrender assumptions and dare to trust My leading.


Embrace the slowing down by Katie M. Reid Photography


As you open your hands to receive, I will deliver a surprise.

As you open your mouth to eat, I will fill it with good things.

As you open your home to receive, I will bring those who need refuge.

As you open your life in faith, I will stretch you for My purposes.


Embrace this slowing down, for it is a necessary and lovely gift.


Lean in, listen close, listen well to the new rhythm that I am conducting. There will be missed notes and slips-up but don’t let those mute the Spring Symphony that I am orchestrating.


I will use this time to till dead places.

I will use this time to restore you in important ways.

I will use this time to usher in abundant life and quiet the noise that currently numbs your soul.


Don’t fight the slowing down. It is not weak, it is not lesser than, it is just right—for this time.


Just like all the others, this new season is tailored-made, carefully crafted and sealed with love—not easy but beautiful.


Don’t overlook the details of My affection. Don’t resent this season because it is different than what you prefer. See Me here in the midst and draw near to Me, closer than ever before.




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