Listen to Sweet Words Today

Originally published Wednesday, 06 April 2016.

Dear Tightly-Wound Woman:


I know you crave the sweet. But often you go looking for satisfaction in places, people, and props that won’t fulfill your cravings.


I have made you to enjoy Me but often you seek joy apart from Me—you forget that I have given daily delights to draw You to Me, not to replace Me.


I’m not saying this to discourage you but to draw you back to the Sweetest Name.

I am calling you back to the richest fare of My Word.

I am reminding you of what you are missing out on when you settle for the counterfeit confections that this world offers.


Let My love overtake your quick-fix longings. Let My strength uphold you when you need a pick-me up. Let My Word fill your hunger for significance.


Oh tighty-wound woman, I have not left you. I’m not sleeping on the job. I’m working at a steady, purposeful pace.


I love you too much to let you keep reaching for the next buzz to cope. I care for you too much to let you remain groping for fulfillment in the secret stash. I came so that you didn’t have to hide behind a veil. I tore the veil in two so that we could have sweet communion together.


Taste and See that the Lord is good Psalm 34:8


I have made you to to hunger and thirst for My Presence, yet the syrupy sweet concoction the world offers is numbing your spiritual taste-buds.


It's not too late. Come to Me, in your weakness, in your shame, with a bloated belly from over-indulgence. I am here to heal you, to forgive you, to fill you up with a love that satisfies.


You don’t have to be put together. I’m in the business of making things new.
You don’t have to feel worthy. I sent my Son, the Worthy One, to cover you with grace.
You don’t have to pretend you’re okay. I know the depth of your pain, the breadth of your need, and the weight of your burdens.


I am here for You, right now.


Turn around, take one step—just one step closer. I see you returning from afar and I run to clothe you with My Righteousness. I throw a party as you come closer.


You feel embarrassed by your issues yet I delight to issue you grace instead.

You try and hide behind artificial comforts yet I stand with open arms, ready to receive you.

You are not alone on this journey. We take one step at a time and we look ahead to the joy that’s coming.


You can be free. Nothing is too hard for Me.


Let Me sing sweet words over you as you rest from the battle. Let Me fight for you as you settle into My Presence.


Let Me be enough for you.




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