Listen Close and Listen Well

Originally published Monday, 18 January 2016.

Dear Tightly Wound Woman:


I know that you want to be made well, but you’re scared of what that might entail.


You keep spinning your wheels when you hit ice. You grasp for traction. You exert an exorbitant amount of energy trying to gain ground, but you find yourself stuck.


As the new year begins, I have some news to share. It’s not new, really, but if you grasp this then you will be made new—all things new.


See, I am doing a new thing! Not it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” –Isaiah 43:19


Lean in daughter, and I will tell you the secret—the key to what you feel you’re missing:




Listen close. Listen well.


This is what I’m asking you to do this year.


You want to be made well, right? So listen.





Stop and hear, before speeding ahead.


Keep step with My Spirit.


Stay close so that you can hear—my heartbeat, my love, my wisdom.

Listen close to Your Lord. Do you hear the whispers of My affections?

Listen well to those I’ve placed in your care. Do you hear their heartbeat, their questions, their fears, their joys?


Oh how I care for you and I listen well to You. Follow in My steps by listening to Me and to those that I give.


Learn to listen in 2016 by Katie M. Reid


You often rush, not really catching all the love, grace and help that I offer.


You often move on to the next thing in your mind, instead of really entering into the thing right in front of you—at your doorstep, at the bedside, ’round the table, by the fire.


Lean in love. For My Love leans into you. It’s all around.


Do you see it, feel it, hear it?






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