Lean in and Listen Daughters

Originally published Monday, 14 March 2016.

Today's post is by Kerrington Sweeney and is a part of the "Listen Close, Listen Well" series:


Lean In and Listen Daughters


Back in January, when I was asked to write this post, my heart was filled to the brim with excitement. I just knew upon accepting this invitation that God would show me just the right thing to share. At least…that’s what I thought.


Time went on and I had been deeply praying for a story to share and absolutely nothing came to me. I waited and waited upon the Lord, but I felt like there was no answer yet. My constant flowing ‘writers well of words’ had run dry. Worry began to creep into my weary heart, as the deadline kept getting closer as the days passed.


With fear of having nothing to share, I began creating evenings with a peaceful atmosphere and perfect setting to write in. I had hot peppermint tea in hand, soft worship music playing in the background, the smell of my scentsy warmer plugged in, a stash of favorite pens nearby and a brand new notebook of blank pages, just waiting to be filled with words.


I sat down at my desk with great expectation, hoping—that the moment when I got up from that desk—this blog post would be completely written, finished, and ready to send off. Let’s just say, I did this for three evenings in a row and nothing came of it.


There I was trying to ‘listen’ for an answer from God—when I was more like demanding an answer from Him, thank goodness for His grace!


What I truly find peculiar is the theme of this series is, “Listen Close, Listen Well.” So of course, the enemy was attacking and working double time in that area of my life, in attempts to see me fail miserably.


Although I felt this post would end up being a big, fat failure…God’s presence fell upon me and I just knew that I knew, if I would just wait a little longer, the words would come.


And come they did….as I began to recall the many moments in my life, where I audibly heard from God or was simply lead by the Holy Spirit, none of them really stood out to me in a profound way, that was packaged nicely for sharing.


“Shoot! What am I supposed to share God?!” Was my constant thought.


Question upon question, worry upon worry began to pile up in my spirit. Two days before the post was due, with not a thing written, I went to bed trying to think of ways to tell Katie, that I wasn’t able to participate because I just couldn’t hear from God.


Lean in and listen close daughters by Kerrington Sweeney


I felt like a complete failure.


There I was, president and founder of a blossoming online women’s ministry and I was having the most difficult time, just listening to God and being led by the Holy Spirit. In those few horrible moments of utter desperation and absolute faithless defeat, God whispered these words to my heart, in such a soft, loving way:


Kerrington, lean in my daughter and listen close. I see your ever-passionate, servant’s heart, but I want to remind you amongst the busy chaos of serving that servanthood also means, stopping and devoting time to just listen and to listen well—hearing My voice, My wisdom, and My instruction—never forget that.”


It was then that I knew, something had to change in my life. Over the past few years, I had been so wound up in being busy and serving everyone that I possibly could, that I didn’t even keep or devote time to just stopping and listening to God.


In conclusion sweet sisters, my challenge is this:


Never become too busy to stop and listen. Even if you don’t always hear something, listen and wait upon the Holy Spirit on a daily basis.


And always remember, “Lean in my daughters, and listen close.”


Until next time,


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Kerrington Sweeney is President and Founder of Uniquely Yours Ministries, a ministry dedicated to challenging, equipping and encouraging women. She carries a mantle of community and walks with divine purpose to empower and compel women of faith. Kerrington, feels God’s call to embark on the journey of a lifestyle fully committed to ministry and the expansion of His Kingdom