Are You Preparing for the Worst or the Best this Season?

Originally published Monday, 21 December 2015.

Why do we try and control others?

Why do we work so hard to control our circumstances, behavior and environment?

Could it be that we are scared?

I often expect the worst.


Running through different scenarios I try and prepare for the “what ifs”?


I think I do this because I do not trust myself. I do not often react to the unexpected, or the unraveling, with much grace. I worry, I get mad, I have a fit. And I don’t want to respond like that.


So I prepare myself.
I try to protect myself.
I control, so that I am not caught off guard.


I am attending a funeral this Saturday.


One of my best friends from high school said good-bye to her husband after a 10 year cancer battle. They knew the worst could happen, but in the process of preparing for this possibility they lived their best, together, being strengthened by Christ.


They loved through the lament.
They laughed together through the pain.
They cried out to the One who came bringing true hope and eternal life; this long expected Jesus.




Sometimes the worst does happen. But some times, often times, it doesn’t.


Maybe I should spend more energy preparing for the Best?
There is not guarantee that things will turn out how I think they should, or how I see as best.
But if I truly prepare my heart for The Best with a capital B, then I am on track.


Anna and Simeon prepared for the arrival of the Best (see Luke 2:21-38).
The waited expectantly for the one that their hearts longed for.
They were committed to their goal…to see the long expected One and gaze upon His holiness.


Their energies, their time, and their longing were fixed on the coming King.
They prepared their hearts to receive the Best, and they were not disappointed.


Take 3 minutes to watch this incredible video of Come Thou Long Expected Jesus. An artist paints the biblical account (from Creation to Christmas) as this powerful song unfolds.


P.S. Do you know this long expected One? He came to earth as a baby many years ago. He was full of grace and truth and lived a sinless life. He died a sinner’s death on our behalf (taking upon Him all our sin- past, present and future). He was resurrected from the grave. He now sits at the right hand of the Father until He returns again.


Jesus did all this because He loved us and longed to set us free from the worst (an unreconciled relationship with God and eternal separation from Him in hell). He gave His best so that, if we believe that He is the Savior and make Him Lord, we can truly live.


In this world, in this season, we will have trouble, but we can take heart, and take courage, because Jesus has overcome it (see John 6:33). That, my friend, is the very good news!


For more good news, see John chapter 3!


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