5 Strategies for Peace and Sanity this Season

Originally published Monday, 09 November 2015.

I'm delighted to share the words of my friend, Cindy Bultema. She is an author, speaker and overcomer. Her words are an invitation to walk in freedom, especially during busy seasons.


I over-committed last year. Big time.


Our full school calendar + countless family commitments + numerous ministry opportunities equaled one stressed out, overly strained mama. I get jittery thinking about my overloaded days and restless nights.


But no more. Instead I’ve been intentional about creating different choices and habits. As I prayerfully reflect on the life of Jesus, I’ve noticed 5 things that Jesus didn’t do, and maybe I—maybe we—shouldn’t either.


WJDD – What Jesus Didn’t Do


1. Jesus didn’t worry about what everyone else would think.


We don’t see Him wrestling with people pleasing. Jesus was never like, “Oh no, they’re going to be disappointed if I don’t have coffee with them, volunteer to help, or bring a meal.”


In fact, Jesus made choices He knew would not please others. He was so intimately aware of His specific purpose and calling, focusing on His specific Kingdom assignment, He didn’t need the approval and admiration of others.


2. Jesus didn’t compare Himself with others.


Jesus wasn’t on FB or Pinterest thinking – “I wish I looked more like Peter (built like a rock), or had fast running legs like John.”  Nope. His days were not filled comparing or competing, but only completing the work God assigned to Him.


3. Jesus didn’t overfill His days.


We don’t see Jesus running from need to need, demand to demand, sun up to sun down with too much to do and no space even to take a breath. Instead, His pace was one of purpose, not persistently hurried and rushed.


Jesus took time to rest, pray, celebrate, breathe, and enjoy the company of those closest to Him.


Follow Jesus' steps don't run after the crowd


4. Jesus didn’t fill His days with “should’s.”


Isn’t this good news? I couldn’t find even one “should” in the Gospels. Never did Jesus say….


  • I should serve since no one else is willing.
  • I should check in and see how they are doing.
  • I should send out one more email.


Jesus was closely connected to His heavenly Father, and He knew what assignments were His to complete. He did so joyfully—letting go of all unrealistic expectations and “should’s.”


5. Jesus didn’t do everything Himself.


In the Bible, we observe Jesus training and equipping others to help Him complete His work. Would it be perfect? No. Clearly His disciples were still learning. Yet Jesus saw the value of involving others to help, and experienced the joy of watching His disciples use their gifts and talents for His Kingdom work.


Ok friends, your turn. 


As you look over the WJDD list, are there any surprises?


Which is the hardest for you to carry out in your everyday life?


What one strategy could you implement in your life this season? I’d love to hear from you!


Let’s pray: Oh God, thank You for Your love and grace in our lives. Thank You for Jesus and His perfect example. Help us, Lord, to learn from His pace of purpose, and pursue a life of intention and peace. For Your glory alone. In Jesus’ Powerful Name. Amen.


In Freedom,


This post was first published at katiemreid.com as part of the Restoration Project series.