Surprised by Motherhood - A Review and a Giveaway

Originally published Saturday, 29 March 2014.

Last week I had the privilege of telling Lisa-Jo Baker‘s readers why her new book, Surprised by Motherhood, is different from other parenting books.


I may have included a Shrek reference.


To read what I wrote on her site, click here:


This week I’m over at Ungrind Webzine, sharing my original review of Surprised by Motherhood.  And there’s a giveaway!  So be sure to click over and enter to win a copy — you won’t regret it.


My review starts like this:


I’ve been that mother who has cleared off four shelves of bread at the grocery store while on hands and knees, crawling, straining, grunting to reach her son’s lost Matchbox car that he “didn’t think would fall down there.”


I’ve been that mother who has run out of wipes at the fancy-schmancy restaurant with no changing table, and left her four-month-old baby on a cold tile floor so she could crank out some more paper towel to wipe away the oh-no-you-didn’t blow-out diaper, only to find a flowing pool of pee streaming out from the stall upon her return.


I’ve been that mother who has left the peed-on sheets on the mattress in the middle of the night, laid a beach towel on the carpet and called it a bed.



I’ve been that mother who has pushed a double stroller in front of me while pulling a grocery cart behind me, navigating aisles and lists and nonstop toddler grabby hand requests.


I’ve been that mother who has crouched, dripping in a bath towel, to scoop up goldfish from a wet hardwood floor, serenaded by the sobs of a distraught little girl.


I’ve been that mother who has lost her own mom and can testify that the burning sting of the bottomless hole never quite goes away.


And I’ve been that mother who never thought she could love quite as fiercely and unconditionally as she loves her children — those gifts on temporary loan from above.


And Lisa-Jo Baker gets that. She gets all of that, and so much more.



If you are a mom who feels you won’t survive one more dirty diaper, one more frivolous sibling squabble, one more “Mom? Mom! Mo-oomm!!” then Lisa-Jo Baker’s new book, Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected About Being a Mom, was written just for you.


 To read the rest of this review and enter a GIVEAWAY for a chance to win a free copy of this fabulous book, click here:


I’ll leave you with this quote from Lisa-Jo, to encourage you in the high calling of motherhood:



Photo Credits: Lisa-Jo Baker