Moving Day

Originally published Wednesday, 09 October 2013.

This past January marked my tenth move in ten years.


Among those temporary abodes in the past decade was the furnished home of some missionaries who went on furlough for a year.  Our family had the privilege of looking after their belongings and their dogs while they were away.  Prior to this twelve-month arrangement, we had spent four months in a different rental nearby.


Shortly after we had moved in, my husband’s back started to give him problems, so we decided to try a mattress with firmer springs.  The day the new mattress was to be delivered, we hauled the old one from the master bedroom to the garage.  As our youngest son  saw the mattress floating by, he asked nonchalantly, “Are we moving again today, Mom?”


In many ways, moving so frequently has been a blessing.  It has helped me to realize afresh that this is not our home.  By not allowing the roots of our earthly dwellings to grow deep, it’s easier to remember that this life is temporary.


Like my son, we should be daily asking our Heavenly Father, “Are we moving today, Dad?  Is today the day you’re going to take me home?  Is today the day your Son is coming back?”


“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come” (Matthew 24:42).


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