Giveaway - Seekers of the Lost Boy

Originally published Tuesday, 19 November 2013.

“‘What is that?’ Simon half-whispered his thoughts aloud. Ignoring the icy fingers of wind that slipped down his coat neck, he trained his eyes on the strange object at the water’s edge. There was something mysterious about the smooth object embedded in the beach’s shoreline. It glowed.”


Thus begins Taryn Hayes’s new youth novel, Seekers of the Lost Boy, a story set in the Western Cape of South Africa.


The tale focuses on a homeschooling family, the Wards, who embark on a journey to track down the author of the message in a bottle. What they learn in the process about their country and themselves is more than they ever set out to accomplish.




Today I’m thrilled to be over at Ungrind, sharing a review of the fabulous children’s book, Seekers of the Lost Boy.


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This book, written by Taryn Hayes, is a great book to read with your own children, or to buy as a gift for someone else.  If you don’t win the giveaway, or if you want more than one copy to give as a Christmas gift, click here:


Seekers of the Lost Boy: Taryn Hayes: 9781920654047: Books




My kids (6, 8 and 11) loved reading Seekers of the Lost Boy together and were sad when we got to the end!  I hope you and your children enjoy it, too!


Plus, there’s word on the street that a sequel to this first Seekers book is in the mix.  Follow author Taryn Hayes on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest news:


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Happy reading!