Why Has No One Written About Ambitious Women & Wifehood?

Originally published Sunday, 05 February 2012.

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Today I Googled "How to be a godly wife and a godly leader at the same time." 

Do you know how many results I got? None. The only articles that came up were either for women in leadership or women as wives, but none of them combined or even slightly approached the topic of the two together. I was discouraged. 


It's no secret that I'm a pretty independent and a go-getter type girl. And it's also no secret that I love being Tyson's wife. But I've recently run into this OVERBEARING dilemma where I feel like I can't be both. At least not at the same time. I'm either Miss Change the World or Mrs. Morlet; both positions I love ever so dearly. 


However, I got to a breaking point this week where I felt like I wanted to quit all "side projects" and just be a wife. You know, the clean house, dinner on the table and strawberry pie kind of wife. My house was is a mess, the laundry was is getting dusty, there are impending errands that need to get done, and my poor husband has been eating girly yogurt for breakfast way too many days in a row because I can't find two hours to go grocery shopping. I feel like my priorities are scrambled and I am desperate for a code to unscramble them.


But it seems like this is a situation no one has addressed yet. I can't be the first wife to feel discouraged over this. One of you has to know what I'm talking about and have some answers. It's times like this when I wish Beth Moore and I were BFFs. Anyone got her number? 


There is no punchline to this story, except that someday I hope to write that article. I know this season in my life is purposefully positioned to continue this path of growing and maturing, but I felt like this should be laid out onto the table for some discussion.


My questions are: 

-Are you or do you know a woman with this tension dilemma? (Being a wife & being a go-getter)

-What are your thoughts on this tension? Can it work or not? 

-Any biblical guidance that came to your mind to aid in this process?


**Please keep in mind that I love being honest with you and getting your opinions. Even those of you who may disagree.


by Julianna Morlet

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