The NAKED Truth About Marriage

Originally published Tuesday, 11 September 2012.

*FYI: The following series is on marriage and may contain candid speech and "mature" subjects such as sex and pornography; both topics I think are too important not to discuss, but might be inappropriate for younger readers. 

The raw beauty of marriage often gets "covered up" in Christian conversation. 
As a Christian community, we have become afraid of the struggle that illuminates the very purpose of matrimony. We don't talk about failure. We cover up shame. No one can know our honeymoon phase never existed. 

This wasn't how it was supposed to be. That's what we said, in month 2 of our freshly romanticized nuptials. And surprisingly, we later realized that God was saying the same thing.

This wasn't how it was supposed to be. There is so much more to that magnifying glass of fear, submission, leadership and sexuality that you are looking through. You've only begun the discovery. 

Every year I get asked questions, mostly from new batches of newly weds, about my marriage. Ty and I have been very candid (yet protective) about our roller-coaster ride of marriage. We believe everyone has bouts of struggle and hardship, and we wish people would have been more candid with us in the earlier months and years so wouldn't have felt so alone. 

That is the heartbeat of this blog and this series:  to let you know, you are not alone.

God's design for your marriage is much bigger than yours and it is only perfected with time. Throughout this series we will give you -good content, -lots of resources, and -Scripture to wrestle through. ~


  • Why Don't We Makeout As Much As They Do? - by Cara and Dave Maat
  • Why You Can't Submit - by Julianna Morlet
  • Why You Can Lead Everyone BUT Your Wife (For the Husbands) - by Tyson Morlet
  • Why We Didn't Let Porn Destroy Our Marriage - Elizabeth and Jason Shafer
  • Why Communication Makes the Best Foreplay - Katie & Scott McGihon
  • Why (Men) Think Marriage = Sex
  • Q&A | Answering YOUR Questions


As we go along, we want this to be a conversation. All writers will be checking the blog regularly (our husbands too!) on the days we've written to answer your questions, encourage you, and read your conversations, so please feel completely free to comment. 


At the end of each piece, there will be a call to action (def: something for you to do), for marrieds and singles. I understand and love that a lot of you that read here are not married and are in different seasons of life. I still believe the conversations presented this week are applicable to you. And marrieds, these are gonna be toughies but don't be afraid. We've all been in those awkward-turned-amazing-conversations with our spouses! 

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