Silencing the Voice of "Can't"

Originally published Thursday, 12 July 2012.



For all the voices of encouragement and motivation, there is a counter-voice. She says things like, You can't do that, That's too tough, Too much work, You're not good enough, Someone else can do it better. But she's lying to you! She seems right, with her confident voice and her intense glare into your eyes down to your soul. She's seems strong and convincing, but she's falsely standing.


You can push her down with one action: Movement. A single step toward that pencil, paintbrush, microphone or dance floor and she will fall. She will collapse because that's as far as she got. Intimidation was her entire game plan, and once that dissipated, she has to scramble for something more. Backbiting, division, anything that will distract your determination. Your urgency. 


Her voice will get louder, sharper, meaner, but with every escalation, you rise as well, with strength, bravery and beauty. 


If you, if I, keep moving with confidence and courage in our steps, her voice will fade and soon, be silenced. 


You will take away her foundation to thrive by doing what she told you you could not do. Now, do it again. 


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