No Presents, Just Freedom

Originally published Friday, 10 February 2012.

Every 60 seconds, two children are sold in sexual slavery. That is not okay with us.

Love146 is an organization that has been heavy on our hearts for 2 years. They are full of passionate, hardworking individuals who have made it the sole mission of their lives to finding, rescuing, and restoring the lives of girls who come from the sex-trade industry. These girls escape or are rescued and usually have no place to go; no home, no family, nothing. They are alone.

Love146 works to provide hope for these girls. They provide homes and support that allows them to start life over. Fresh. Clean. And loved. However, there are still over 27 million people trapped in this industry and that is not okay with us. 

For the last two years, Tyson and I have been donating our birthdays (and all the days in between) to freeing, restoring, and defending the girls of Love 146. Instead of gifts, we are asking you, our friends and family, to give our gifts to these girls, in monetary form. 

There are 40 days between each of our birthdays, January 11 [Tyson's birthday] and February 21 [Julianna's birthday], and in that amount of time we hope to raise $4000 to give to Love146. This year we are asking you to give these girls our presents in monetary form. You can give any amount by clicking the Donate button below.

Will you help us?

We thank you ahead of time for your gifts and are ecstatic that you are in this endeavor with us. Love, T+J Morlet

To read more of our journey with Love146, click here.

P.S. Of course, all your donations are tax-dedictible. I'll be posting more on this topic for the next 40 days.  

If you'd like to join us in abolishing this modern-day slavery, click the Birthday Gift button below.


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