My Top 5 Reasons I'm Sad to Leave Home

Originally published Sunday, 01 July 2012.

When we move on, we always leave something behind. That's the price we pay. These are my 5 things I'm saddest to leave behind. I will admit that more than a few tears were shed at the writing of this post. ~


5. The Identity - I know a lot of people in my home town. And they know me. I know almost every Starbucks barista in this city (not proud of that, but kind of). I have my favorite check out lady at Albertson's grocery store. Going to the local farmer's market is like a high school reunion, seeing people you love and try to avoid. But I think for me, it's mostly leaving my home church that is going to be inevitably tough. I've grown up with them and lived life with them. I've been honest with them and they, in return, have been honest with me. I've learned and studied and worshipped the Lord with them, almost every weekend for the past 3 years. They know me for who I am, the good, the bad, and the ugly and the love me just the same. 


4. The Paycheck - I'm just going to admit it. I've never had a season of my life where I couldn't pay a bill...yet. I've had season where we could only pay bills and nothing else. Not even an extra $2 for a cup of coffee. But I've never just not had what I needed. I don't think that's the situation we are walking into, but it might be. We won't know until we get there. But the comfortability of a predictable dollar amount $$ is slowing slipping itself from under my feet. 


3. The Familiarity - I know this town like the back of my hand. I know what Target has a better clearance rack, I know what Starbucks has the most friendly baristas, I know the best places to sit and read. I know it all. It's easy. It's comfortable. There's nothing risky or scary about it.


2. Our Deep-Rooted and Family-Like Friendships - There are people in this valley that have impacted my life at levels no one will ever really know. They have begun ripple effects of change and freedom and courage that they will never get to see complete.The many grandma and grandpa figures who spoke both prophetically and encouragingly into my life. Our pastors who have invested to much blood, sweat and tears into our marriage and mentoring us. Students we've grown to love and interns I will never forget. Friends who have carried us and whom we have carried through the thunderstorms and fairytales of life. Babies we saw born and probably won't see again until they get married. 


1. Our Growing Families - My sister just had her baby, Ty's sister is going to have baby #2, my brother is celebrating his one year anniversary, our niece is going into first grade and my little sister is going into middle school, and my little brother has only a couple teeth left to loose. It almost feels like a cruel joke that the time is now, though I know there would never be a more perfect one. And though my heart desire to vow my return for every ballet recital and birthday party, well, we'll just cross those bridges when we get there.

- - - - - 

What about you? What are your tops reasons you're sad about YOUR big life change?




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