Miley's Message to Teen Girls

Originally published Wednesday, 28 August 2013.

Dear Sisters, I'm sorry. Tonight, at this year's VMA Awards, every young girl in the world was sent a message we've been trying to dissipate for years.

A message sent by many other mediums and vices.  A message with potential to damage and inevitably demean.  A message with an illusion of strength, but a reality of sorrow.  A message glamorized by makeup and costumes. A message fantasized by girls just like you.

That message? Sex means "growing up." Use your sexuality to get noticed and get what you want. Sex is power. 

No no one can blame Miley Cyrus for wanting to become more than the Disney Channel girl. We all need to grow up at some point. But what the world witnessed tonight was a juvenile and sorry attempt to do so. We didn't see a little girl growing up. We saw a wildly inappropriate exhibit of sexuality distorted and warped.

Please hear me when I say, this: It is not truth, it is not good, and there is nothing glamorous about it. Maturity doesn't come in the cheap sale of something so valuable.  Value doesn't rise when something is thrown flippantly to all. (Tweet that.)

Don't hear me wrong, the fact that you and I, as girls, are sexual beings is nothing to be apologizing for. Don't be ashamed of it, but don't throw it to the dogs either.

You were made to awaken your sexuality in freedom, with no inhibitions and no audience. You were meant to explore your sexuality in freedom, with one man who's committed to love and cherish and adore you; no matter what. There is a time for that and it will come. I promise.

You are worth more. Miley is worth more. And when her audience has gawked enough, they will abandon her while her actions follow her into wherever the future leads. And while they're not unredeemable, they are pivotal.

Don't be fooled, sweet girls, by the glamour of what you saw. Be wiser. (Tweet, tweet.)~


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