Is Church Memorable or Horrible for You?

Originally published Friday, 01 February 2013.


Some call church scary, some call church home. How can one place be perceived so drastically different? 

As I was working on a study/survey for our church plant, Antioch LA, I realized how few churches I've connected with in my life. Some you just "click" with and others, well, it wouldn't kill you to never go back ever again. 

So now I'm curious. I know a lot of you have either attended in the past or are currently attending a church in your area. What better people to ask than my interweb fam eh? 


  • What about a church experience makes you want to try it out again?
  • What repulses you about a church experience? 


I want your help so bad, I'm raffling away an Antioch Worship cd. (Shhh, don't tell Ty ;) 


Send me your answers and enter the raffle HERE.


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