Humans Are NOT 4 SALE

Originally published Monday, 27 February 2012.


Sunday was Freedom Sunday. As a nation, we talked about, cried about, and shed light on the subject of modern day slavery in human trafficking. Sex trafficking, to be more precise. As you know, this has burdened my heart for the past two years. 


I've said A LOT on this subject this month, so I won't be a broken record, but I will give you some real-life statistics:


     -27 million people around the world are currently (right now) trapped in the sex trade

     -Girls, as young as 7-9, are being forced to have sex as much as 50 times a day (every 15 minutes for 12 hours)

     -This trade brings in over $32,000,000,000 a year (2nd in the world, only to drugs)

     -2 children are sold every 60 seconds (it will take you longer than that to read this post)

     -Superbowl Weekend is America's #1 sex-trafficking revenue. 

     -In some countries, girls escape and their police bring them back to the pimps

     -In our country, they're called "strippers" and "prostitutes"

     -The pimps hang out at our students' high schools and "groom" our girls


This is a stoppable slavery. It CAN be abolished. But we need help. 

I urge you to do something. Anything. 

It feels too big, but it's not. 

Our God is bigger. 


So, what can you do right now? ---

Learn about the issue. Educate your children, educate your teens, educate yourself.

Give what you can towards destroying this slavery. 

Talk to everyone about it. Let's continue to shine light on this issue so it can no longer hide in darkness. 


Lastly, take a picture with "NOT 4 SALE" written on your body and post it on my Facebook page with the rest of ours.


Let's tell the world that this is not okay with us. Together, we can be a very, very loud voice



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