Goodbye, My Childhood Town

Originally published Tuesday, 03 July 2012.

*This post is part of this week's Loving and Leaving Well Series, where we're talking about lessons learned from leaving the places and people you love. Missed a part? Catch up here!

This week has been emotional. It seems like every song that shuffles on my iPhone or every shows that I watch has some underlying thread of leaving and change. I'm beginning to think CHANGE may be more common than we realize. 


I'm a very sentimental type. I like and dislike places, people and food based on my experience with them. 

I eat Bakers burritos because it's all my sister would eat when she was in the hospital with Leukemia. 

I only drink Mexican Hot Chocolate because it reminds me of Christmas time at my grandmas. 

I like shopping at Costco because it reminds me of my childhood (8 person family = Costco). 

The Fall is my favorite season because it reminds me of the new notebooks and freshly sharpened pencils of my college classrooms. 

The Golden Spoon on Hwy 79 South tastes better because that's where Ty met me for frozen yogurt once. 

Aqua Di'Gio swoons me because it was the cologne Ty wore on the night of our wedding rehearsal. 

I rock out to Kelly Clarkson and Walk to Remember Soundtrack because it reminds me of the Mexico Youth Trip 2005.

I like things because they remind me of someone, something, somewhere. 


Don't we all? 


I am going to miss this town, these streets and these sweet people. And while I'll only be 2 hours and 5 freeways away, nothing will replace this amazing season of my life. This town grew and pushed and fashioned me into who I am today and for that, I will be forever grateful. 


Goodbye, my childhood town. I cannot wait to come back to you with my children someday and show them how to remember.

" I am, strangely, no longer a child.  But the place where I was a child is thriving. And so am I." - Laura Tremain | Hollywood Housewife  (Make sure you read the rest of her post. It's beautiful.)


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***This concludes the Loving and Leaving Well Blog Series. If you missed one, see them all here.



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