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Dear Women (Not Yet) in Worship

Originally published Monday, 28 October 2013.


Dear Women (not yet) in Worship,


You know who you are.


You're sitting close enough to the front to feel the music loud, but a couple rows back so no one really, really notices you singing your heart out. I see you.


You come to church every week, a tad early, and rarely late. However, it's not because you're one of those people who show up before the previews in a movie theater (you know who you are), but because you'd rather push over that greeter than miss the first song. And if you do come in a little late, you're singing the minute you hear the words clear enough. I see you.


You don't look at the slides anymore because you know nearly every song by heart and you can close and lift your eyes to the heavens with freedom. I see you.


What you may lack in confidence or vocal technique, you make up for in passion and soul. I see you.


You sit in that chair every week, silently wishing you had the courage, the time, or the voice to join the team. I see you.

You start doubting that nudge you feel every week that says Go ahead, try out, you can do it. I see you.


You have made the stage an untouchable mirage you only daydream about stepping onto. I see you.


I'm here to tell you, the stage, the platform that seems so high and far off, it's built on brokenness, failures, doubts and inadequacies. (< Click to tweet.)


The stage isn't a badge of holiness, but rather a badge of humility. (tweet, tweet?)  There is no room for pride when it comes to leading God's people; only prayer, passion, and perseverance.


You are a powerhouse, not because of who you are, but because of Whose you are. You were created for a specific purpose, and if you aren't living into that purpose, the Church, your brothers and sisters,  are crippled. Health comes when every part is working and moving.


It's okay to be scared. It's okay to be nervous. It's okay that your voice isn't what it once was or what it should be. It's okay you'd rather die than speak in public. We can push our way past all that and watch God transform you.


I see you. I believe in you. Take the chance, ask for an audition or opportunity, and then equip yourself.


It's your time to move.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Are you ready to take the next step as a women (not yet) in worship? I want to meet you, talk to you, equip and encourage you. Shoot me an email or sign up for my 5-Week Worship Coaching Course and let's get this ball rolling!

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