A Letter to My Sister as She Enters Motherhood

Originally published Wednesday, 15 February 2012.


Sweet Sister, we both know Baby E is a miracle. 

I remember the day we both drove home from the doctor's office, crying and holding hands as we called Mom to tell her our diagnosis. They told us conception wasn't in the cards for us.


We felt broken and worried, but we'd been raised to know there was a God who cared about our deepest fears. He knew our hearts longed to be mothers and so we walked out of that office in the contrasting state of sadness and confidence. Sadness for the possibility of loss and confidence in who our God was, is and will forever be.


He is good. He is faithful. He is love.


And if there's one thing He is in the reoccurring business of, it's allowing barren women to become mothers.


You are real live proof.


This weekend, we celebrated your 8th month of pregnancy with a beautiful shower thrown by family and friends. Baby Ezekiel will be joining us in March and we can't wait to meet him. His life will forever tell the story of the grace and sovereignty of God. He will be loved. 


You and he are real live proof to me. You give me hope when I feel discouraged. You remind me to be brave. I love you so very much and there will never ever be "such devoted sisters" than us.


Welcome to motherhood, my sweet sister. You are going to be amazing. ~





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