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When Stories Merge

Originally published Wednesday, 16 September 2015.

We often hear that every life has a story. It’s become trendy phraseology. I say it myself because of the truth in it, but I also realize there is a flipside to this particular way of thinking. Your life was created with specific significance, yes, but what about when your life intersects with another?

What we don’t speak about quite as frequently is that when paths cross, stories merge.

Think about your family, dear friends, and even acquaintances. You are part of those stories. How big a role you play may vary, but you are not only living your life, but your words and actions are being written inside the stories of other lives.

I’ve been feeling sad the last couple days because our former pastor in California suddenly became ill and went home to be with the Lord. He was a mighty man of God, much too young to leave this earth. I’m so glad he was part of my story.

We all have the ability to touch other lives positively and we don’t have to be best friends to do it. Our smiles , the way we worship, how we raise our children and treat our spouses, it all speaks.

Everything we do speaks loudly and ultimately writes pages in the history of other lives. I hate it when I look back on something I’ve done and wish I had done it differently. I want to be upright, loving, and merciful. I don’t want to say, “I wish I would have done that better or said that kinder.”

I know that we can’t live perfect lives. Otherwise, we wouldn’t learn any real lessons or have any reason to cling to Christ. We are human, which means we are flawed, and that is where the real beauty of each story lies.

Way down deep where our broken pieces reside lives a God who mends and washes away the pain inside our souls. He is the One who gives us freedom to walk in His love and grace. We then have that ability to pour out that same love to others and be an example that will touch lives.

Everyone you meet plays a part in your story and more importantly, you play a part in theirs.

What does your character speak?

Let not mercy and truth forsake you ;bind them around your neck ,write them on the tablet of your heart…

-Proverbs 3:3

May you bind mercy and truth around your neck. May you write them on the tablet of your heart so that your part in the story of another can, above all else, be love.

Have a beautiful day, friend.



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