The Struggle to Live a Still Life (An October Series)

Originally published Thursday, 01 October 2015.

To be still in God doesn’t mean we can’t move ahead. It doesn’t mean we can’t pursue dreams and passions placed deeply inside our souls. Being still in His presence actually means moving within it. it’s about stepping forward at His pace and never our own.

The gravity of the sun is what keeps the planets in orbit. Its force holds them in perfect rotation around it. Imagine if we, the living stones of Christ, stayed rotating around the S-O-N, trusting the force of an all powerful God to keep us right where we are supposed to be.

Too often we end up like meteors: dead rocks falling from the sky lit up with our own pride. Sure, it looks pretty for a time, but all we’re really doing is flailing around of our own free will in submission to nothing. And then we crash hard. Proverbs 16:18 tells us that pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.

Over the next 31 days, I want to talk about the courage it takes to live in His stillness, and the faith it takes to let His will remain in the center. I want us to discuss being living stones, using our gifts for His glory. I’m praying for connection, conversation, and a reawakening of passion in each heart who reads this series.

Friend, when trust and faith are out of balance, stillness is incomprehensible.

For the entire month of October, we are going to journey our way to the sweet spot of stillness. It’s a place that gives God glory and satisfies our souls all at the same time.

What do the words be still mean to you?



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