The Conversation: Activating Your Purpose Through the Power of Scripture (A 31 Day Series)

Originally published Thursday, 06 October 2016.


Hey, friend. Just to recap, we’ve learned in the first two days of this series that, yes, we have purpose; in fact, we are God’s poem created to walk in good works. All this was ordained by the Father before time began. We’ve also discussed that it takes diving into the word to activate the purpose of our lives. It doesn’t necessarily happen quickly, like how striking a match creates fire instantaneously. Instead, it’s more like rubbing flint and steel together. It’s a process.

Today, I want us to go back to the moment of creation, because I want to give you a very brief glimpse into a conversation, which encompassed your life. (Yes, that’s what I said!) This discussion included you, and happened even before the breath of God resided in the lungs of Adam and Eve. In my upcoming book, we go into this deeply, but because the blogosphere says fewer than 800 words is best for the reader, we will only scratch the surface today. However, this “surface” is rich and will give you everything you need to give off a spark meant to activate something deeper within your soul. Let’s open our Bible’s to Genesis 1:1.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

-Genesis 1:1

Familiar scripture, right? You’ve heard it a thousand times, right? Well, get ready to dig into a word that is alive and meant to transform your purpose!

In this scripture, the word for God is actually the Hebrew word Elohim. The word Elohim is plural, meaning more than one. This gives us our first evidence of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. After this, our Father God began creating the world. And, according to John 1:1-3, He made everything through His Son Jesus. As we read through creation we come to Genesis 1:26, which is where we get to eavesdrop, if you will, on a very special conversation.

Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on earth.”

-Genesis 1:26

Friend, this doesn’t just mean Adam and Eve. It means you as well! You were made in the likeness of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God created you, through His Son, and when Jesus finished the work on the cross and ascended to heaven, as a believer, you were then given the Holy Spirit as a helper for you, to dwell inside you and make you whole. Your name was known by God before time, the poem of your life was written, and you were intended to walk in good works. Your life is meant for more than what you see with human eyes. Your worth is beyond measure. You need to stop believing lies that cause you to believe otherwise. Grasp truth. Do it now! You need the truth of God in order to activate your purpose.

Tomorrow, we will take a look at one other place in the Bible to establish the proof of our purpose. After that, we are going to begin dealing with hard questions, because we all face brokenness and if we aren’t careful, our broken hearts can become roadblocks interfering with our path of purpose.

Today’s homework is this: First, think about what we discussed and pray God would make you more and more aware of His purpose for you. I know it’s sometimes hard to pray for ourselves because we feel there are others with more important needs to take before the throne of God. But, it is also important to open up to Your Father about your own struggles and needs. God cares about you! He wants you to discuss your life with Him. Every part!

Next, I want you to take, and post, a selfie explaining on social media that you are in the process of activating your purpose through the power of scripture! Let’s find encouragement in each other. In your post, quote Genesis 1:26 and use the hashtag #ActivatingYourPurpose. This will enable us to find each other. I know this request might take you out of your comfort zone, but have you ever thought about how sometimes, being too comfortable can cage us? It keeps us from growing, and in some cases, holds us back from activating purpose!

I’ll meet you here tomorrow!



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