My Short-lived Connection with Laura Ingalls

Originally published Friday, 10 April 2015.

Apparently, it’s monsoon season where I live because it hasn’t stopped raining in two days and last night we lost power for eight hours. We had candles lit everywhere and for a brief moment I felt a kindred connection with Laura Ingalls. However, it was short-lived because as I looked around the room, I realized we were all using either a laptop, iPad, or cell phone. There was great praise to God going forth for fully charged devices.

Technology has brought numerous opportunities and has afforded many of us comfortable and convenient lifestyles. I have no idea what, or who, I would have been back in “The Little House on the Prairie days.” My hands tend to become cramped while writing with an actual pen. Could I have been a writer then? God knew what He was doing when He chose my entrance to take place in 1973.

But, sometimes, I long for a candlelit, quiet, early to bed, early to rise kind of lifestyle. It’s often I want to hear from God, but am I letting so much noise inside that I’m having difficulty discerning His voice?

I can’t divulge details, but not that long ago I was praying about something very specific and God answered. Guess what? I didn’t hear Him the first time. I completely ignored something that turned out to be an answer to prayer. Thankfully, He kept leading me until I finally saw it.

Was my life too noisy at that moment? Or was it doubt that kept me from hearing? I have no idea. All I know is that I need to make room for the still, small voice.

Everyone’s convictions are different. Your type of “noise” might be much different than mine.

I have no idea what we may end up doing as a family, or what I might choose personally, to cut down on the noise, but I do know that the only way to cultivate any relationship is to make time for the person with whom you want to be close.

I want to be close with God.

And no matter how much I grow in Him, I want to be closer still.

Recently, I began thinking about how much time I spend assembling my children’s Easter baskets. First, I think about what I’m going to pack inside them. Next, I take time going to the store and invest a healthy dollar amount to make sure they have enough. After that, I sit and divide candy and other fun surprises evenly to make sure everything looks just perfect. (Oh, friend, Pinterest can be both a blessing and a curse!)

Soon after, I started wondering if I put anywhere near that same effort in my quiet time with Jesus? After all, He is the whole reason we celebrate that glorious day. We have life because of His death and resurrection.

I do spend time with my Lord on a regular basis, it is breath to me, but I know that I can always offer more. As an American, my lifestyle is very comfortable. Now, please here me out… I don’t believe there is anything wrong with comfort, unless, of course, it hinders us from our relationship with God.

My goal is to make more room. My heart can be quite messy and loud at times. I want to clean the clutter and quiet the noise so that when He chooses to speak, I will not only hear His voice, but listen to it.

That is what He’s showing me today.

Would you like to share what He’s showing you?

Have a beautiful weekend!



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