Jumping Into Dreams...

Originally published Friday, 20 March 2015.

Yesterday, Paul and I waded out to a sandbar. We stepped on top of it and decided to jump in the other side to deeper waters. We held hands, closed our eyes, counted to three, and yelled, "Jump!" Little did we know, the water wasn't any deeper and we landed straight on our feet with the turquoise sea barely hitting our waistlines. We looked at each other and laughed until we cried. Before we jumped we could see the white sand at the bottom, but it gave the illusion of being deeper than it actually was.

How many times in life are we holding tight to a dream and are excited to jump into the unknown but it seems as if we can't penetrate the same old ground? We know we are on the threshold of something new coming and can feel change in our bones, but we are forced to wait. If you can relate to this, I have some encouragement for you today...

The Lord says that if we are willing and obedient we will eat the good of the land. (See Isaiah 1:19) Dreams don't cross the finish line of reality overnight. Most likely, we will jump thousands of times before we find ourselves saturated in the wholeness of where we know we are supposed to be. But blessing comes from being willing and obedient long before we get where we are going.

Sarah and Abraham waited for what seemed an eternity to welcome the birth of Isaac. Noah worked years to build the ark before the rain finally fell from the sky. And he waited even longer for the rainbow to show up in glorious color with an everlasting promise. Joseph sat in a prison cell before he became second to pharaoh and saved a nation from famine.

Nothing comes easy, friend, but if we choose to be willing and obedient, God will show Himself strong. In his own way. In His own time.

Follow what you know God has planted in your soul and take the leap. Continue diving in as many times as it takes. Sooner or later you'll be saturated in the fruition of a beautiful dream come true.



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