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I Need to Ask You a Very Difficult Question...

Originally published Monday, 02 February 2015.

The other day I had my first television interview for my book Nothing to Hold but Hope. The interviewer asked me about a question I posed in the introduction: “Are you ready to hear what God is speaking to you?”
It’s amazing how after enduring a trial we can look back and see the fingerprints of the Father on the situation. I remember that girl all covered up in grief – the one who wasn’t sure what God was doing. She didn’t really know if she wanted to hear what He was speaking, because , after all, what if she didn’t like it?
It becomes very difficult to submit to His will when we have our own agenda. (You can tweet that.)
In the midst of suffering and begging for God to intervene, we often have our minds set on one thing: The answers we want. We find it cliché that He knows what is best and His timing is perfect. We become so wrapped up in the answer we desire, that we stop desiring God. When it comes down to it, we are often begging for a magic wand. “Just give me what I want! Just give me what I need! I’m desperate.” We need to become desperate for Jesus, rather than desperate for the answers we need from Him. (Tweet that.)
Remember that old worship song that says, “And, I, I’m desperate for You. And, I , I’m lost without You.” Let me ask you something: When you sing those songs in the middle of your deepest needs, are you focused on God or on the outcome? It’s a difficult question, I know.
I can’t speak for you, but I can tell you from my own experience that many times I was desperate for what I needed. And though I loved God, I wasn’t focused on needing Him as much as I was focused on what He could give me. It hurts to type those words. I can literally feel my chest burning as I think about it.
Sometimes, we need to regroup. We need to look at our situations and work to align our will with His. We have to choose to be ready to hear what He wants to speak. It’s discipline. Just like we make a conscious effort to eat right, exercise, or ___________ you fill in the blank, we need to be disciplined enough to say every single day, “Speak to me, Lord. I’m ready to listen.” We must stop looking for giant signs and start listening for the still, small voice.
If you want freedom, listen for Jesus. Through His word, He actively speaks to hearts every second of every day.
After my fifteen year struggle through miscarriage, stillbirth, and infertility, I can tell you this: I wish I would have started listening sooner, because once I did, even though I still felt pain, the door to freedom blew wide open.
Today, I want to urge you to condition yourself to hear the still small voice of God in your life. You’re going to get through this!