For When You're Tired of Chasing Dreams

Originally published Saturday, 14 March 2015.

When you feel called to make a change in life or pursue a dream, do you follow through? Or, do you question yourself allowing fear to overtake you?

I'm a visual learner, and what I view either in real life, on a movie screen, or in a book can spark ideas and stir up expectation. Over the weekend, I took my kids to see the new Cinderella movie. As I sat there with popcorn in hand something captivated me.

In the famous scene where Cinderella begins to panic about returning home before the stroke of midnight, she has some quick parting words for the prince and then takes off as fast as she can to beat the clock. Naturally, the prince cannot make sense of what she speaks, but before chasing her, he stands there and smiles for a brief moment. The joy on the face of the prince struck me. He was excited to pursue that lovely girl. He was ready to chase the hope of what could be.

I was able to identify with the prince in that scene. I've often had the experience of standing and smiling after I feel God has whispered a dream to my soul. But here is where fairytale meets reality: After the initial excitement wears off , doubt and disappointment easily takes hold because the dream doesn't always seem as if it will come to fruition. I'm a big dreamer, and I've learned that after God plants a dream, it takes patience and wisdom to pursue what He's spoken. It's not always a quick chase toward the prize. Often, it's slow and steady steps. There are times we might walk backwards and maybe even find ourselves on the wrong path before figuring out where we are supposed to be. However, if we listen to the still, small voice and persevere, we will undoubtedly find our way. He is always right there leading us. We just can't always see Him.

I am very familiar with the fairytale of Cinderella, so there shouldn't have been any fear when I watched her turn back into a muddy mess wearing an old, ripped ball gown. However, I sat in anxious anticipation of what would become of her.

At that moment, all I could think about was how there are certain promises hidden in my heart that have been planted there by the living God, and I usually live full of anxiety and worry over what might happen. I want everything now. Wait. Let me rephrase that... I want everything yesterday! God almost never runs according to my schedule. Remind me to thank Him for that!

You see, in the middle of the questions, doubt, and fear, we need to remind ourselves that His dreams teach hope and His timing teaches patience. He is a God full of possibilities and life. When I was praying to become pregnant, I asked Him over and over again to take the desire from my heart because it just wasn't happening. And, friend, the waiting hurt more than I can communicate in words. He never did take the desire. Why? Because He planted the dream and in his time He brought it to completion. He had a plan. My job was to trust.

Today, I want to encourage you to take slow and steady steps toward your dreams. Don't give up. Follow whatever it is Christ has for you. Let Him teach you hope and patience. He is faithful and no matter how difficult the waiting is, He hasn't forgotten about you. He loves you.

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, And whose hope is the Lord.

-Jeremiah 17:7



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