Originally published Tuesday, 03 October 2017.

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The words come in a rush, but I mean them: “Declare it over yourself. Speak truth over your own heart.” 

I know this isn’t easy. But it is, oh, so important.

I am walking, mid-morning light on my face, bag slung over one shoulder. I speak to remind sisters what I need to remember too: we battle to receive Life, and this battle requires our full attention. We cannot afford to sleep; we must attend to our hearts; we must call our spirits to awake. Come on now.

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I spend my early morning playing worship music over myself. Earbuds pressed in, my legs pushing out, my arms pulling the handles of the rowing machine we keep in the studio behind our house. Through dark windows I watch dawn kiss the air outside. Wake up, Wake up. There is light coming.

We wait, expecting, watching hope give birth again. Come, Holy Spirit, fill us up. We need you.

My heart is raw, hungry. And I want to keep it this way. More of God means more of the real us, a daughter who knows who she is and who connects with her Father . . . which means we get more of Him. A win-win.

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In worship, Father reminds us what is true. He shows us who He is. And in that truth we know who we are. And then we can declare truth–over ourselves, over our hearts, over our minds, over our bodies, over our family, over our home, over our relationships, over our work.

This is the the act of worship–and where we want to stay. So we pray: Keep me raw. Keep me true. Keep me hungry.

This is not passive listening. This is a choosing–a surrendering of a rebellious heart to gain a heart of hope. Father, shine your light in.

We let our Father love us, and, through His love, we are able to love ourselves and love others–a task that means life and death. A task that is the most important thing we can ever do.

So, girl, come on now, we need to fight for our own hearts. We need to recognize our own desperation for God. We need to stand up and claim our place–daughter, beloved one–and do whatever it takes to wake ourselves up to worship the One who is worthy.

There is nothing more vital to our lives right now. More essential than our beating heart, the accomplishment of our wildest dream. All goodness comes from the Father who loves us. Let’s not forget to tap into His truth today. 

We are made to worship. We are made to turn to the One who made us and give him glory in all things.

The One who made us shows us how to love Him so we can receive the love He has to give us. And after that, nothing is ever the same.

What is one thing you do every day that turns your mind and your heart to God? How has this changed you? What is your favorite way to worship Him? (*And here is the link to the video of me declaring aloud this truth.)

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